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Meditative Walk in Beauty!


Are you paying attention to me, Feet say to Mind.
Mind abruptly stops its chatter momentarily to say
I know you are there. Of course I know.
Feet respond that they would like to feel mind’s presence.
Mind says there are many important things
for me to think, to remember, to plan.
You are so clever, thinking highly of yourself
and the endless seductive ideas that pop
on and off of your screen, says Feet.
Please offer me your full attention
and together we will walk in freedom,
free from illusions and ignorance,
free to truly love and feel loved
free to fully embrace and enjoy
the miracle of walking in beauty
on this precious planet
at this very wonderful moment.

Helped by mindful breath’s calming
Mind smiles while letting go of its thinking
and experiences the miracle
of being alive
walking with Feet.

being present for the gift being present for the gift ~d…

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Depression and Cancer.

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“Depression and Cancer work hand in glove. When you are depressed, that is, you have already entered the one way cave. You need to have a strategy to exit. The longer you stay in the cave, called Depression, the chances of the cancer spreading are much higher. It is the fuel for the malignant cells.

What ever is your Motivation, make sure you hold on to it, till you are aware that you are out of it. It’s not possible to come out of it completely. But whom ever and what ever got you out, Focus on that person or any particular goal or objective. If you succeeded on your own, Kudos to you!  But do not be disappointed if you can’t exit on your own. Seek help and seek help as quickly as possible.

Depression is like quicksand. The longer you stay, the chances of coming out of it becomes bleaker.”©Hippocrates Disciple.